Liebherr's portal solves space problems

Liebherrs LPS 400 at Nuh-Cement in Turkey Liebherrs LPS 400 at Nuh-Cement in Turkey

Liebherr-Werk Nenzing has responded to what it sees as a market niche for MHCs (LHMs in Liebherr's nomenclature) to operate in confined spaces. " Various ports don't have the spacious preconditions or they are characterised by a logistics system which simply requests a portal solution (e. g. due to an existing conveyor belt), " says the company which was confronted with such a scenario when Nuh-Cement was looking for a solution for its multi-purpose cargo terminal in Hereke near Istanbul some years ago. The narrowness of its terminal as well as an existing conveyor belt argued against a conventional MHC.

Liebherr's technicians replaced the undercarriage with a 12.75 metre rail-span portal, whilst other crane parts were taken from the LHM concept.

Liebherr's neighbour, rail-mounted gantry crane manufacturer, Hans Kunz was brought in to manufacture the portal.

In addition to the on-board diesel-hydraulic power transmission system the crane was equipped with two electric motors, a generator as well as the necessary cable and cable drum to offer the customer the option to operate the crane from the existing high voltage network, apart from the standard possibility to use the crane independently of any shore supply.

To assure the full flexibility of the Liebherr Portal Slewing crane (LPS), the four-rope machine was further equipped with two four-rope grabs for coal handling, an orange peel grab for scrap handling, a motor grab for timber handling as well as an EH5 spreader for container handling. All that was five years ago. Now another LPS400 has been handed over to the Qatar Steel Company.

Again, the crane is equipped with a number of lifting attachments (including two motor grabs and a magnet device) to make full use of the crane's flexibility in cargo handling. The crane also has an e-drive including a high-voltage cable drum instead of the standard diesel-hydraulic power-pack.


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