Minimal downtime with JLT rugged computers

07 Apr 2017

With a smart phone design driven by user demands, JLT’s latest range of rugged computers can be operated with gloves and in wet conditions.

JLT’s computers are built for the extreme conditions of the port and terminal operating environment, but offer a user experience similar to tablets and phones available in the consumer market.  


“The design is driven by what port workers want and what they are used to,” sales director Peter Lundgren told Port Strategy.


The units also feature a rugged touch screen that works with gloves and when it is raining. “This means that there is less downtime and a better user experience,” said Mr Lundgren.  


JLT uses projected capacitive touch technology which offers a more robust solution to cheaper touch technology.


Mr Lundgren added that the screen does not need calibration, further improving the uptime of the units.  






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