New features for Hyster reachstackers

Hysters A222: new spreader-damping system Hysters A222: new spreader-damping system
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The ten-model Hyster ReachStacker range (A222 series) will be improved as from May.

The new spreader damping ('anti-sway') system consists of two backwards mounted damping cylinders. It performs the multiple tasks of achieving 'controlled sway' of the container spreader under highly variable dynamic load conditions giving the same amount of 'controlled sway' of the spreader when the machine is without container, lifting an empty container or when carrying a laden container under the spreader.

The device also features an improved 'self-leveling' characteristic. This means that when the spreader is lowered down onto a container, it can simply dropon when the container is within a +/- 6 degrees angle.

So this self-aligning feature now also works for a container that slopes in a forward or backward direction (as seen from the driver's position).

Before, on the old damping system, this forward or backward movement required an extra control called "hydraulically powered damping". The added benefit for the driver is one less function to operate meaning faster handling with less fatigue.

The newly shaped counterweight gives a change of the truck's turning radius and more importantly the truck's length:

Although there is a small increase of dimensions for some of the smaller capacity RS models, they can still work comfortably in 40' container stacking aisles that are commonly 15 metres wide.

More important is a considerable reduction in length of the larger RS 46 models, meaning that now these bigger capacity machines can also work in 15 metre aisles, and handle also the heavier containers, and this specifically in the 2nd container row.

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