OEM spreader parts more durable

Twistlock pin The twistlock pins in a crane spreader have to be replaced at defined intervals
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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spreader parts are more durable than market alternatives, a new study has found.

Bromma’s whitepaper ‘Structural Durability’ found that as maintenance instructions from the OEM is based on “genuine” components, the owner of equipment should consider revising maintenance plans when non-genuine parts are used or thoroughly verify equal performance to the original parts.

It stressed that one of the most important factors in the lifespan of a spreader is that maintenance instructions are followed. Failure to maintain the equipment may lead to a shortened lifespan.

Four influences

The structural durability of steel structures and components is influenced by the geometrical design, material, manufacturing and loadings.

The twistlock pins in a crane spreader have to be replaced at defined intervals as the design life is shorter than the lifespan of the spreader.

The pins also have to be inspected at even more frequent intervals since they are sometimes subject to unintended impact and can get damaged, said Bromma.

Test jigs

Bromma is using test jigs to verify the theoretical calculations made and to evaluate the genuine spare parts it is supplying against alternatives available on the market. The jigs used can test and evaluate up to 30 individual twistlock pins at the same time.

The test jig was configured for a long-term test where a load amplitude of 25 MT was cyclically applied until each individual twistlock pin failed through breakage. Bromma found that its pins were able to withstand more cycles than an alternative to cope the harsh conditions typically experienced by a spreader.

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