PSA and SIT to develop port technologies expertise

14 Mar 2017
PSA and SIT will jointly develop port technologies expertise among its staff and students.

PSA and SIT will jointly develop port technologies expertise among its staff and students.

PSA Corporation (PSA) and the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on strengthening systems engineering expertise and knowledge for PSA engineering and information and communication technology (ICT) employees, and for SIT students to gain exposure to automation and other advanced port technologies deployed by PSA.

SIT, through its continuing education unit, SITLEARN, will develop and deliver a 16 month part-time systems engineering training programme to equip PSA engineers and ICT professionals with the competencies to design, develop and maintain complex integrated systems which are crucial for PSA’s new generation of ultra-modern and intelligent container terminals.

As part of the MOU, students and faculty from SIT will also be exposed to PSA’s inner workings, with specialists from PSA delivering guest lectures on port technology and operations. Added to this, PSA and SIT will collaborate on applied research projects to explore solutions to business problems.

PSA’s regional chief executive, Southeast Asia, Ong Kim Pong said: “By equipping PSA staff and SIT students with the knowledge and skill sets to handle and work with smart systems, we can ensure that they are ready for future challenges and help propel the Singapore port to the next level of excellence and productivity.”

Professor Loh Han Tong, deputy professor and provost for SIT, added: “Through various collaborative platforms, SIT students will benefit from learning opportunities in PSA, and develop skills of adaptability and innovation that will allow them to navigate in the fast-changing economy.”

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