Shore power inaugerated at Rotterdam

31 Jul 2012
Stena ferries are plugging into shore power to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Stena ferries are plugging into shore power to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Since the first shore based power system was activated at the Stena Line terminal in Rotterdam last month – the new system has been inaugurated by the partners involved in the project.

The two Cavotec Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) systems at the Hoek van Holland Holland terminal are the result of close cooperation between Cavotec, Stena Line, ABB, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure.

The systems enable the Stena ferries to switch off their engines whilst docked and connect to shore side electricity to power lighting, heating and food preparation.

One of the units is a cable dispenser system that enables the two freight ferries, the Stena Transit and Stena Transporter, which service the Killinghome UK route, to plug in to shore side power. The other is installed at the Stena passenger berth where the Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica service the Harwich UK route.

Sietse Nap, managing director, Cavotec Netherlands, said: “These projects demonstrate what ports can achieve when we pool engineering expertise to develop innovative, integrated solutions. We work with a number of trusted partners to develop AMP systems and other technologies for the ports sector and elsewhere.”

Shore side power reduces fuel consumption and dramatically cuts emissions helping to improve air quality both at the port and the surrounding community.

Cargotec has a number of similar AMP systems installed across northern Europe. In Sweden, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Karlskrona and Ystad all use the systems.

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