Tideworks launches real-time data platform

12 Jun 2017
Insightful data: Tideworks Insight is already in operation at MIT in Panama

Insightful data: Tideworks Insight is already in operation at MIT in Panama

Tideworks Technology’s latest innovation allows users to gain insight into data across its whole Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) product suite to help users enhance operations.

The real-time and historical data platform, called Tideworks Insight, is already in operation at Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) in Panama and is now available for implementation at other terminals.

“Tideworks Insight has enabled us to identify patterns and outliers so we can quickly improve operations and reduce costs,” said Thomas Rucker, vice president of operations, MIT.

“As an example, we were using Excel with macros to run a yard density report. Now it’s a dashboard that automatically populates, significantly reducing the time and effort to obtain this information.”

Tideworks Insight allows users to tap into the databases of Tideworks products, including Mainsail Vanguard, Traffic Control, Spinnaker Planning Management System and others, to obtain a 360-degree view of their operations.

Additionally, terminal operators have the ability to connect systems beyond the TOS in order to gain enterprise data on a holistic terminal level.

Users can easily access, filter and drill down on enterprise and operational metrics to glean critical insights and make decisions based on real-time performance.

Additionally, using their business intelligence tool of choice, users can organise metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in a single, self-service dashboard. 

The platform also allows users to easily add new data without significantly changing data models, as well as store years of historical data for executive-level analysis and planning.

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