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Belgian dredging contractor Jan De Nul has recently been awarded more than € 200m worth of contracts. In Hong Kong, landfall dredging and close to 1.5m tons of rock-dumping has to be executed for the gas pipeline connecting the Guangdong Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal located at Cheng Tou Jiao (Shenzhen) to new units at the Lamma Extension.

Outsourcing of manufacturing to China, India and elsewhere in Asia continues but north European and UK consumer demand is faltering. The WTO says: "The steep rise in oil prices, to their highest levels in more than two decades has negatively affected consumer and business confidence in the oil importing countries." It notes that the full impact is still to be felt.

Jan De Nul will verify the rockberm design for protecting the pipeline against 15.8 ton anchors by means of model testing and computer simulations.

Installation of the rockberm will be executed by the dynamic positioned rock-dump vessel POMPEI, pictured.

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