Solar power deal for PSA Singapore

Pasir Panjang Terminal Pasir Panjang Terminal will benefit from a solar photovoltaic system
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Sunseap Group will construct and install an eco-friendly solar photovoltaic system at PSA’s Singapore terminals to reduce its carbon footprint.

Part of a 21-year solar power purchase agreement between PSA Corporation and Sunseap, the 4MW peak photovoltaic system and a competitive electricity tariff rate will be put in place across five sites in PSA’s Singapore terminals, including terminal buildings, gates, maintenance base and workers’ dormitories at Pasir Panjang Terminal.

Mr Ong Kim Pong, regional CEO Southeast Asia at PSA International, said: “PSA is pleased to enhance our commitment to environmental sustainability in Singapore through the implementation of solar power solutions on a terminal-wide scale.

“This deal will help us significantly reduce our carbon footprint, and will boost our commitment to renewable energy for years to come. In tandem, we are continuing with the electrification of our port equipment including yard cranes and automated guided vehicles, among our other green initiatives.”

October launch

The solar photovoltaic system is estimated to be operational by end of October.

Once completed, it will generate approximately 4.3GWh of energy per year and offset a portion of Pasir Panjang Terminal’s energy needs. It will also help PSA offset 1,689t of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

In 2016, the Government of Singapore announced that a carbon tax would be imposed in 2019 on power producers and large carbon emitters based on each tonne of carbon they release.

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