Auckland reviews subsidiaries’ roles

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Ports of Auckland (PoAL) has initiated a review of the both the Nexus Logistics supply chain joint venture established with Netlogix in late 2014 as well as its Conlinxx subsidiary which manages cargo flow between the seaport and its Wiri (South Auckland) inland port.

Nexus chairperson Garrie Hoddinott confirmed he himself has stepped in as acting chief executive of the joint venture, following the recent resignation of incumbent, Stephen Owles.

“Recently, the shareholders have been reviewing the structure of Nexus Logistics to ensure the foundation structure and supporting business model is set for the intended future growth,” said Mr Hoddinott.

“This review has highlighted some structural anomalies that are conflicting with the original vision for the joint venture partners.

“As a result, the Nexus Logistics shareholders are currently considering selling Conlinxx and its ongoing business operations (freight hub and transport) back to Ports of Auckland ownership, leaving Nexus Logistics to focus on the growth of its 4PL activities.”

PoAL head of communications Matt Ball said the review follows a natural evolution of the business, particularly the progressive addition of freight hubs in Manawatu, Bay of Plenty and soon in Waikato.

He observed the option of defining Conlinxx as PoAL’s dedicated freight hub and transport operator would free Nexus to focus on the provision of logistics services, without any operational assets.

“This would make Nexus Logistics a true 4PL provider, offering freight owners a service to assess, design, build, run and measure integrated comprehensive supply chain solutions on their behalf,” he said.


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