Study group identifies Auckland alternatives

New Zealand's Auckland is on the hunt for a new home New Zealand's Auckland is on the hunt for a new home

The Port Future Study’s Consensus Working Group (CWG) has released initial work identifying a long list of areas being considered as options to meet Auckland’s future demand for port activities.

It looked at creating a foundation for upcoming analysis of economic, environmental, social and cultural costs and benefits of potential options.

Dr Rick Boven, the independent chair of the study, said: “The study’s consultants, a consortium led by EY, has identified the areas that offer the theoretical physical capacity for the port services.”

Detailed criteria are being assessed to analysis the suitability of new locations. The group will provide feedback on the areas, the proposed assessment criteria and the project methodology.

A shorter list of options will then be identified and analysed in more detail, including using a cost and benefit analysis.

“This approach ensures that all possible locations are considered, including those identified in previous studies,” said Dr Boven.

He continued: “It will allow us to come up with robust recommendations and provide a strong evidence base to support the council deliberations that will follow the study’s final recommendations in June.”

The analytic work is being guided by the Port Future Study scope set by the CWG in October 2015.

Following the initial work, the group will now meet with the wider reference group on Friday 19 February to gain feedback on the list of areas and criteria.

Consultant’s report will be providing to the CWG at the end of April and CWG recommendations will be sent to Auckland Council at the end of June.

Dr Boven concluded: “Once we test these potential areas against the criteria we may find that some stack up well against future growth projections and infrastructure development plans, and others are simply not suitable because of environmental, social, economic or cultural concerns.

"What's most important is that we take a long term, objective and balanced view."


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