13% growth for Black Sea container terminals

Port of St Petersburg In H1 2017, the highest container growth was achieved by Russia. St. Petersburg (pictured) is the largest container port in the Baltic Sea
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The Black Sea container terminals of Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and Bulgaria saw growth of nearly 13% in H1 2017.

The terminals handled 992,409teu in full containers during the period, according to a new report.

Total growth achieved by the countries was 12.94%, compared to the same period last year, said Informall BG.

The laden turnover increase was in all countries of the Black Sea region. In H1 2017, the highest growth was achieved by Russia, Georgia and Ukraine – 23%, 18% and 9% respectively.

During this period, 54% of full containers handled were imported, with 46% of the volume being exported. It is estimated that laden container share was 75% and empty container share was 25%.

Export volumes from these countries increased 6% compared to H1 2016. The highest export volume growth was 25% in Georgia.

There was a growth of laden export volume in all countries of the region. In Russia and Romania this was 14% and 10% respectively.

Imports to the region increased by 19%, mainly because of Russian import volume growth of 28%. There was an increase of laden import volume in Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria – 24%, 16% and 13% respectively.

The percentage of laden volume handled by each country was: Russia (Black Sea) – 29%, Ukraine – 28%, Romania – 24%, Georgia – 11% and Bulgaria – 9%.

In terms of total volume handled, the top three container terminals of the region in H1 2017 were DPW (Constanta, Romania), NUTEP (Novorossiysk, Russia) and CTO (Odessa, Ukraine).

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