GE Energy project to reduce emissions at Rotterdam Port

The GE Energy onshore power supply project at the Port of Rotterdam, aims to help reduce emissions at the port. The GE Energy onshore power supply project at the Port of Rotterdam, aims to help reduce emissions at the port.
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Rotterdam’s port handles more freight than almost any other facility outside of China – but this comes at a cost of increased emissions.

A higher volume of transport around the port contributes to higher concentrations of NOx and particulate matter in the air. The global problem of vessels running their auxiliary engines while at dock only adds to the problem.

GE Energy has been working to address these issues in Rotterdam. The onshore power supply project provides vessels with safe, reliable and metered onshore power reducing emissions and noise for people who live and work in the area.

In a pilot project, 120 onshore power connections have been installed in the Maashaven area of the port, supplied from 22 ‘harbour enclosures’ custom made to provide secure power supplies in the busy dockside locations.

The enclosures are equipped with meters, which can be read remotely, allowing users to monitor their energy costs in real time and encouraging efficient energy use.

When completed, the onshore power supply project will provide connections for up to 5,000 boats, supplied from approximately 800 dockside cabinets. Ultimately, the Port wants to encourage all vessels to use onshore connections as their main or sole source of power while at dock.

"Onshore power is a cleaner and more efficient option than running engines or diesel generators. However, bringing power on board vessels in one of the busiest ports in the world presents a significant challenge and one that we have worked closely with the Port authorities to meet,” said Todd Johnstone, chief executive of GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Article originally published in GreenPort

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