Teesport looks beyond ISPS

Murphy: I/D cards an issue Murphy: I/D cards an issue
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In our November/ December 2003 issue, PS spoke to managers at PD Teesport to report on their preparations for the ISPS Code. Since then, things have been moving apace.

"We've had the Port Security Facility Assessment done, " says security manager Denis Murphy. "It will be a month before TRANSEC come back with their written report." Murphy then has two months to put together a Port Security Facility Plan which will include all the berths on the river.

Each berth (i. e. port user) will have its own Deputy Port Facility Security Officer and a committee is being established to coordinate their actions.

To date the I/D card is the single most important new issue to be dealt with, says Murphy. He has met with his counterparts from Tilbury, Felixstowe and Liverpool to discuss a national system which ideally will embrace airports and truckers as well as ports. As he says:

"Truckers may use several different ports every week and we want to avoid them having to carry many different I/D cards. We need a common approach amongst both the ports and then with the Road Haulage Association." The working group is hoping to use the impetus of ISPS plus available technology to facilitate the collection of containers from different ports with a single common procedure so the I/D card will serve as more than just a security check.

As a spin-off, PD Teesport has tendered its bid to become a port facility and company security officer training organisation so they can conduct training on the Tees for other ports, as well as for its own users on the river. "We've already had enquiries from elsewhere, " Murphy says. "We have expertise here on the river and it's not just the harbour police, it's the regional police force, the harbour master, the local university and all sorts of other parties who we've invited here to give their slant on ISPS. So it's not just seeing what the Code says. We're trying to build on that as well."

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