Argentina earmarks $118m for BA port improvements

09 Jun 2017

Argentina’s central government and the regional administration in Buenos Aires are to invest $118m in ports in the Buenos Aires metropolitan region to boost their competitiveness.

In 2016, these ports handled 35% of all national exports, worth a combined, $18bn.

Javier Tizado, the province’s production minister, noted that upgrading roads, ports and inland waterways would improve overall logistics costs, an area that has yet to be properly tackled.

Tizado’s department is currently overseeing dredging works in the majority of the province’s ports. External financing of $18m has so far been invested to fund 13 civil works in the ports of San Nicolás, Dock Sud and La Plata, all of which will commence before the end of the year.

A further $100m in financing will come from central government to upgrade access to the ports of San Pedro and Coronel Rosales, while other work is scheduled at Quequén and Mar del Plata.

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