Brazil to identify 15 new terminals for concession

06 Sep 2017

As part of Brazil’s second Partnership and Investment Programme (PPI), the federal government is hoping to put out to concession a further 15 port terminals, in addition to other facilities given over to transport. The aim is to attract investment of $6.2bn.

The Ministry of Transport is also seeking to privatise the Espírito Santo Dock Company (CODESA). 

The state of Pará will be particularly affected by the PPI, which will see nine areas offered as concessions. 

In the fourth quarter, three areas will be identified for the handling of LPG in the Port of Belém, with a tender then to be issued in the first quarter of 2018.

A further seven areas will then be identified in the second half of next year for fuel handling, of which five will be at Belém, one at Vila do Conde and a seventh at the Port of Vitória. Besides these, it is planned to offer a further three concessions for dry bulk at the Port of Paranaguá.

The tenders for these ten areas are to be issued in the third quarter of 2018.

As part of the same package of concessions, it is also expected that a fertiliser terminal will be made available in the Port of Itaquiin the first quarter of next year and also the Agrovia do Nordeste Terminal, in the Port of Suape, the latter in the second quarter.