Buenos Aires province boosts port competitiveness

24 Aug 2017

In Argentina, representatives of the Under-secretary of Ports and Navigable Waterways of the Ministry of Transport have met with representatives of the public ports of the Province of Buenos Aires to investigate new ways of boosting the competitiveness of the sector, particularly in reducing logistics costs.

The aims of the meeting were to reinforce the provincial port authority through the creation of a provincial port body; increasing the audit of the management of existing consortia; and to deepen environmental checks on ports.

The Transport Ministry has offered 50% discounts for mooring in Rosafé. For the ports of San Lorenzo, San Martín, and Timbúes, the cost of stowage has been slashed by 15%-25%.

Tariffs for a new pilotage service option have been cut by 26% in the ports of Río Negro and Chubut, with an estimated annual savings of $230,000.