Call for Buenos Aires tender to be postponed

27 Mar 2015

Three professional bodies in Argentina have asked for the tender covering the concession to operate Terminal 5 at the Port of Buenos Aires to be postponed.

They criticise the urgency with which the government is managing the process, pointing out that the length of the concession will impact the port for the next 30 years, even though all existing concessions in the port have so far run for only 10 years.

Before making any decision, they urge the government to undertake a public consultation, something which has so far not been done. This, they argue, would allow the opinion of the community, industry experts and potential investors all to be heard.

“The issuing of a tender helps only to consolidate the current situation, bypassing the drawing up of alternative scenarios for the future, something which this urban ports problem requires,” noted the professional bodies in a letter sent to the authorities.

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