Delays at KFT due to existing operational system

18 Aug 2017
KINGSTON Freeport Terminal

Normal service at KINGSTON Freeport Terminal has now restored

Delays at KINGSTON Freeport Terminal following an operating system switchover were allegedly caused by existing issues.

The container terminal’s move to a Navis operating system caused a backlog of containers, but normal service has now restored, stated Navis.

It stated: "Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited experienced a temporary slowdown in operations that has since been resolved. The source of the issue was found within the terminal's legacy system prior to the new N4 terminal system.”

The terminal’s operating system had to be shut down on 4 August to accommodate the switchover, sparking the processing delays.

The congestion on the weekend caused trailers to extend unto the highway, according to the Jamaican Observer, while on 8 August haulage contractors went on strike for two days to protest port conditions.

Norman Williams, operations manager at KINGSTON Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL), which operates the terminal, commented: “The fact is that we inherited a system that is relatively aged and owing to that we are having some issues. On the 4th [of August] the system literally crashed, so we had some difficulty to move the containers.

“We know that the implementation of the NAVIS will move us forward; what we are experiencing now is the teething pains. NAVIS will make us efficient.”

Navis added: “As with any migration or implementation, Navis has and continues to work together with Kingston Freeport to improve operational productivity and ensure the long-term success of the terminal system for its customers.

“With N4 in place, Kingston Freeport has already reported that gate operations are working quite well and anticipates it will soon see similar improvements in vessel operations."

Explaining the impact of the switchover problems on the terminal’s operations, Dr Horace Chang from Jamaica’s Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, said that due to improved operating performance and investments in the port, KFTL has been experiencing increased cargo volumes as well as an increase in the number and size of vessels arriving at the terminal.

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