Ecuador promotes Manta-Manaus corridor

10 Mar 2016

Ecuador's Overseas Trade Minister, Diego Aulestia, recently travelled to the Brazilian state of Amazonas to consolidate a trade corridor linking the port of Manta with Brazil's port of Manaus.

This corridor is now being promoted as an alternative to the Panama Canal, since it links industrial and agricultural regions on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

The focus on Manaus is driven by both its extensive industrial zone and free zone designation.

Manaus already has a deep water port and international airport making it attractive to investors, according to Mr Aulestia.

The agricultural zone in Amazonas would also benefit from the Pacific coast outlet offered by Manta, he added, since this would enable faster access to markets in Asia, Central and North America.

However, to be viable, the minister stressed the need for a two-way exchange of commerce.

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