New Buenos Aires port plan ready

24 Aug 2017

According to the Argentinean Ports Directorate (AGP), the design of the new Buenos Aires port is ready, although will not yet be made public.

A spokesperson noted that, initially, the opinions of the port unions will be sought, given that these remain the most reticent on the new project.

After, shipping lines will be consulted, followed by terminal operators, with the plans eventually made available on line.

Barge traffic with Paraguay is seen as a priority by the AGP, since while import-export container traffic is growing, transhipment containers remain a work in progress.

Some of the proposed works have made their way into social media, notably upgrades to Dock F, the new road access via Corbeta Uruguay for trucks (which currently have to make use of Comodoro Py avenue) and the construction of a further 220 meters of the northern breakwater (which will allow more infill work to be completed in the port).

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