New information highway at Lirquén port

04 Aug 2017

TEKSO, which specialises in the capture and transmission of data, has designed and implemented a solution for the Chilean Port of Lirquén, allowing it to communicate with its clients and workers in real time.

The new wireless system, which allows communication on the quayside, also links in with the Navis N4 terminal operating system and with handheld terminals used by the dockers.

TEKSO noted that it was asked to integrate a set of solutions aimed at optimising operations and efficiently improve the resources of the terminal by increasing its monitoring capacity.

The solution included an ALTAI wireless platform monitoring system, which controls and manages equipment included in the system and also includes a post-sale assistance plan, providing technical support to the installed platform, thereby guaranteeing the operational continuity of the port terminal.

Armando Sandoval, speaking on behalf of the port’s IT department, said the new system would improve the efficiency of the container terminal.

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