No further port bureaucracy needed in Chile

06 Oct 2017
One of Chile's ports, Port Valparaiso

One of Chile's ports, Port Valparaiso

Daniel Fernández, president of Chile’s Port and Maritime Chamber (Camport), has rejected the idea of creating an Under-secretariat of Ports to oversee issues impacting on the sector.

He said that doing so would lead to further, unwanted fragmentation, given that the logistics sector is formed of many components, which require integration and co-ordination in order to work properly.

“If you create an accredited under-secretary, it is yet another actor to co-ordinate,” he said.

Instead, Camport favours the strengthening of the National Logistics Development Commission, which would be chaired by the Ministry of Transport and the vice-president of the Ministry of Economy, which he believes would enable modernisation of the sector to be much better monitored.

He nevertheless concedes that port efficiency has been declining and ports are resting on their laurels somewhat. However, the volume of export cargo is increasing, resulting in new challenges needed to modernise institutions.