Santos draft restrictions cost $35m per week

04 Aug 2017

It has been estimated that the reduction of operational draft at the Port of Santos could be costing shipping companies in the region of $35m per week.

According to Claudio Loureiro, president of the National Centre for Navigation (Centronave), the losses could be even higher, if additional expenses by other users of the docks are taken into account.

The extra costs for shipping lines come from the need to call at other ports to either lighten loads to enable vessels to access berths at Santos, or simply miss out the port altogether.

The Union of Maritime Navigation Agencies of the State of São Paulo (Sindamar) claimed that with every centimetre drop in draft, vessels have to leave behind seven to eight containers. Current draft restrictions mean that up to 720 boxes, the equivalent of 5,000 tonnes per trip, are being left on the quay.

Cargoes are therefore having to stay in warehouses longer than expected, generating extra storage costs.

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