In a packed session on day two of the GreenPort Congress, delegates will learn about harnessing wave energy, innovative renewable energy projects and energy transition of renewable energy – book now to find out more.

Malte Siegert, Head of Environmental Policy, NABU’s presentation will focus on innovative, interesting and excellent examples of alternative and renewable energy in European ports. Whilst many ports worldwide aim to become greener and cleaner, in Europe is it mainly ports in the North and Baltic Sea that are the frontrunners for greener performance. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg and Gothenburg are investing more private and public money and countries of northern Europe also seem to spend more money on funding initiatives. Yet, green performance has hardly any lobby and seems to be a “nice to have”. It may be because there are only small benefits for being more environmentally friendly and, still, little incentive.

Nevertheless several stakeholders have realized that investing in alternative energy is not only good for the environment. True, raising the share of renewable energy sources in ports costs money and sometimes projects turn out to be expensive. But many show that return on invest is often faster than expected. If more ports are courageous and try out green technology, fast development from prototypes to “off the rack” solutions could be seen.

How can the gap be closed between frontrunners and those who take more time on the marathon to a green port? Although often discussed and presented many times, several best practices from ports are not either known nor taken into consideration. Within the EU Life+ funded project “Clean Air in Ports”, German environmental organisation NABU has collected an overview about green development in ports. Demands for green ports and an overview about innovative, interesting and excellent examples of alternative and renewable energy in European ports will all be included.

Furthermore EcoWavePower will provide a short Introduction to the Wave Energy Field, its vast potential and its advantages, as well as to Eco Wave Power's unique Technology including a discussion regarding the opportunities for ports derived from the implementation of Eco Wave Power’s sea wave power plants on their breakwaters (as successfully demonstrated in the Gibraltar power station). This will be followed by an depth look at the process of moving from conventional electrical power supply to renewable power by Siemens.

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