Stakeholders and representatives from the shipping and port sectors gathered in Venice, at the 10th edition of the GreenPort Congress. The Baltic Ports Organization was present at the event, to give an overview on how the Baltic ports’ handle new environmental regulations.

One of the main focus points of the GreenPort Congress is the development of good practices in the area of sustainable solutions and their application. The BPO and the whole Baltic region have amassed a lot of experience, based on the necessity of addressing and fulfilling a range of requirements forced by environmental regulations. Their approach can serve as a foundation for other regions.

Regulations effective in the Baltic area include the designation of the Baltic Sea as a Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA), the EU alternative fuel directive and the special area status for the discharge of sewage from passenger ships. The recently ratified IMO Ballast Water Management Convention is yet another addition.

In order to comply with these specific regulations and voluntarily reduce the impact of maritime transport on environment, Baltic ports and shipping lines have implemented several technological and managerial solutions.

Bogdan Ołdakowski, the BPO Secretary General, commenting his speech at the GreenPort Congress, said: “Baltic ports can provide a lot of good examples on how to cope with the various regulations and how to voluntarily become green. A key word for the Baltic is cooperation. Many achievements of the Baltic ports came as a result of common initiatives – LNG projects, technical solutions for Port Reception Facilities (PRFs) for sewage or environmental management in general.”

The Baltic Ports Conference 2016 saw the BPO present a detailed paper on compliance with regulations and the advances made in the Baltic region in the area of sustainable environmental solutions in maritime transport.

The report titled “The Baltic Sea as a model region for green ports and maritime transport”, can be downloaded directly from the BPO website.

The GreenPort Congress focuses on improving the relationship between the ports, its users, customers and stakeholders, involved in the development of sustainable solutions for the sector. It is targeted at port authorities, terminal operators, logistics providers, shippers and shipowners.

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