Entitled ‘Creating partnerships for sustainable development’ submissions are now invited for the GreenPort Cruise Conference and GreenPort Congress which will be hosted by the Port of Amsterdam from 10-13 October 2017.

Topics to be covered on the 2017 programmes include:

GreenPort Cruise 2017

Port-City Relationships

  • Managing congestion in and around the cruise port to cope with passenger influx
  • Innovations to reduce energy consumption and emissions: port-side and land-side
  • Improving hinterland connections

Infrastructure development

  • Involving port users and stakeholders to plan for changing market needs
  • Dealing with the effects of climate change on the cruise port
  • Coping with larger vessels
  • Adaptation to alternative fuel choices (case studies are preferable)

Port Reception facilities

  • Directive update
  • Getting buy-in of all port users including implementation and ongoing compliance

GreenPort Congress 2017

Port-City integration

  • How to create 'the best for both worlds'

Impact of the energy transition

  • How to make it and to manage the change
  • What does the future hold? (e.g. where will energy come from)

Total Value Creation

  • How to create total value

Responsible supply chains

  • How to work in Partnerships on responsible supply chains

Reducing carbon footprint

  • Measurement and calculation
  • Initiatives and examples of reduction

Challenges for ports and terminals – what does the future hold?

  • Dredging for ultra container vessels: costs, legal challenges
  • Spatial planning/land consumption/infrastructure development
  • Improving air quality/greenhouse gases reduction
  • Making sense of the circular economy

Preference will be given to abstracts from ports and terminals able to present case studies on good practices, and where an impact has been made to lower noise/emissions/improve air quality/ relieve congestion/reduce energy consumption etc. Suppliers of equipment to achieve the above are also invited to submit abstracts and case studies, particularly in conjunction with testimonials from ports.

Abstracts of approximately 250 words should be submitted to congress@greenport.com by 3 March 2017 and include a synopsis of 50 words together with a speaker biography.

For further information contact the Events team on +44 1329 825335 or email congress@greenport.com.

Follow the event on Twitter @GPCongress.