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    Supporting crane safety


    COMMENT: An updated recommended minimum safety features for quay container cranes document, which incorporates the latest technologies, will soon be released, writes Laurence Jones.

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    Safe mooring needs industry-wide focus


    Regulators have taken the safe mooring of ships to task, but ports need to increase their engagement with the issue, Richard Brough reports.

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    FAL’s keeping ports in mind


    COMMENT: Much attention has been paid of late to developments at the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) and Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), two venerable rule-making organs of global shipping regulator the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

  • Do you know who is responsible for contractors on your quays? Credit: TechPhotoGal, CC0

    Sharing safety responsibilities


    COMMENT: During the first week of June, a young contract worker was killed in a port in India. An inflated truck tyre exploded during handling operations and metal parts of the wheel assembly struck the 18-year-old victim with great force. The morning after the incident, I was on the first ...

  • In November 2017, DPWA advised that the charge in Melbourne would increase to A$49.20 (image is of the Port of Melbourne) Photo: Chris Phutully/flickr/CC BY 2.0

    Domino effect of infrastructure charges


    COMMENT: In March 2017, DP World Australia (DPWA) was the first to introduce a steep increase in the infrastructure charge levied at their container terminals in Australia, writes the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association’s (ICHCA) Peter van Duyn.

  • Ports should care more about what happens to trucks once they head out of the gate. Credit: Péter Gudella,

    Safe roads are good for business


    COMMENT: With the annual increase in containerised trade across the globe, we collectively put more heavy trucks on our roads each year, writes Wouter de Gier.

  • Maersk’s decision to return import containers down-under has upset terminal operators. Credit: Maersk Line

    The great Australian empty box debate


    COMMENT: A recent Customer Advisory note issued by Maersk Line Australia sent the shipping fraternity into a frenzy, writes Peter van Duyn

  • Keep truck drivers safe by following best practice procedures. Credit - National Renewable Energy Lab

    Easy wins for traffic management


    COMMENT: A number of recent fatalities resulting from mobile equipment accidents have again highlighted the need to improve traffic management in terminals, writes Laurence Jones.

  • Collision prevention technology is not a panacea for safer port operations

    Ask more questions about safety choices


    Wouter de Gier explains why collision-prevention technology will not save lives.

  • Poor container packing can lead to handling problems

    Ports should care about CTU Code


    COMMENT: Take a straw poll in any grouping of 100 container supply chain professionals with the question “who is aware of the CTU Code?” and the response is invariably disappointing, writes Richard Brough.