If you didn’t have an opportunity to join us at GreenPort Live Australia don’t worry it is now available on demand!

The 2021 conference, titled ‘Driving principles of sustainability’ featured an expert panel discussing diversification, sustainability and environmental practices together with learning from a local context.

Making these actions happen is something that Australia’s Port of Newcastle ably demonstrated in the first GreenPort Australia online conference. The port is determined to share its wisdom with the whole industry and make sure we’re all headed in the same direction in terms of sustainability objectives.

Jackie Spiteri, Senior Manager ESG, Port of Newcastle, is responsible for developing the Ports Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Strategy and delivering the Ports Strategic Development Plan. She pointed out that the port started out with the New South Wales Sustainability Advantage (SA) Recognition Scheme which rewards businesses for their commitment to sustainability.

Mike Gallacher, CEO at Ports Australia, which is Australia’s peak body representing our ports community at the national level, says that to know where you’re going you have to know where you’ve come from.

By using initiatives such as the IAPH World Port Sustainability Program, Australia has created an “internal report card”, forming working groups of active sustainability projects across Oceania giving all parties involved a “competitive thirst” to impart knowledge and replicate projects at their own operations.

Declan Clausen, Deputy Lord Mayor of Newcastle, talked about the synergies between port and the city with the city being accountable to its constituents and the port being accountable to its stakeholders. The benefits of developing common goals to develop progress in sustainability is immeasurable he said, giving the example of a joint project between city and port to create electric vehicle charging points.

Hear what our panel of experts had to say and enjoy our short excerpt from GreenPort Live here!