Eco Wave Power’s new energy project in Gibraltar was formally opened at the beginning of June.

Three of the Eco Wave Power Floaters

Three of the Eco Wave Power Floaters

The Gibraltarian project will be the first grid connected Eco Wave Plant will operate multiple wave units under Commercial PPA terms.

Charles Collinson, director of European programmes that co-funded the project, said: "On behalf of the EU commission and the EU program Secretariat in Gibraltar, I wish every success to Eco Wave Power. May it expand and produce a lot more renewable energy and I hope we are able to collaborate in future expansion of this project."

This is the first array of wave power generators to be connected to an electricity grid in Gibraltar and in Europe.

The Eco Wave Power floaters move up and down with the movement of the waves, and create pressure which is driving a hydro motor and a generator.

It also provides smart automation system that controls the power station's storm-protection mechanism and the stable transmission of clean electricity to the grid.

Dr John Cortes, minister of health, environment and climate change, explained: “In the last 4.5 years, we have been through a lot. People were coming with these magic black boxes, they told us you give us some funding and we’ll give you the power.”

“Nothing ever worked. This is clearly working. I think that the future is bright and the future like the past all those six million years ago is in the power of the sea all around us."

The technology has been under development since 2011 when the company tested its technology in Ukraine.

Since then it has won multiple innovation awards which have recognised the wave resource technology’s consistent source of clean energy.

The company has since established three subsidiaries in Gibraltar, China and Mexico as well as finalised projects of 111MW worldwide.

Dr Liesl Torres, chief scientist and CEO of the department of environment and climate change, concluded: "I honestly believe that the ultimate solution for Gibraltar becoming carbon neutral is the ocean and we are very eagerly exploring that, exploring our sea.”

“This is only the beginning and we really need to push to see how we can push up this MWs in renewable energy quickly because This will bring so much benefit to us. So again a special thank you and let's inspire other countries and other territories."

EcoWave Power will be presenting in the session on alternative and renewable energy in ports on the second day of the 2016 GreenPort Congress. The full programme is available to view online - book now to join port professionals from across the world.

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