FEPORT members have released a new publication regarding the environmentally friendly actions it has been implementing through European ports.

New brochure on sustainable terminals released by FEPORT

New brochure on sustainable terminals released by FEPORT

The publication, Sustainable Terminals: How private port operators and terminals invest in sustainability, focuses on engagement, investment and action.

Gunther Bonz, president of FEPORT, said: “Bringing global emissions down to a sustainable level is possibly the biggest issue that has to be addressed in the 21st century.”

“Terminal operators are already mobilised to play a positive and proactive role in this respect and are investing millions of Euros in sustainable equipment. They are also training their employees to perform environmental friendly operations on terminals.”

FEPORT members are aiming to working together to convert environmental challenges into innovative solutions.

Global container terminal operators have already displayed commitment to developing a commonly agreed method for calculating carbon emissions.

“Given the fact that the pollution originating from terminal Operations accounts for less than 10% in ports, terminal operators are perfectly aware that they cannot solve alone problems of pollution, they are working with their partners along logistics chains to minimize the effects transport operations and improve the “intermodality footprint,” continued Mr Bonz.

FEPORT advisors explained that terminal operators have already proven to be supportive of European legislation which will have an impact on the environment in the long-term.

The brochure shows concrete actions and investments are the best evidence of proactivity when it comes to environmental initiatives.

Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, secretary general of FEPORT, concluded: “This brochure is a first testimonial because for terminal operators, engagement in favour of sustainability is an ongoing process allowing those who are early movers to confirm that being sustainable also means to be profitable over the long term.”