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  • Infancy: automated and semi-automated facilities still have to build up a risk profile. Credit: ADPC

    Robotic risks


    Don''t hope for insurance savings through automation... at least not straight away explains Alex Hughes

  • All change: Kim Fejfer is moving on

    APMT’s Fejfer to step down


    APM Terminals’ chief executive Kim Fejfer is to step down from his position on November 1 to make room for Morten Engelstoft, currently chief executive of APM Shipping Services and of Maersk Tankers, in the APMT hot seat.

  • Error: mismatch between health and safety incidents at box terminals reported by operators versus staff

    Study points way forward for container safety


    A new independent study reveals that there’s a worrying mismatch when it comes to health and safety at ports with workers reporting higher levels of work-related harm than recorded in company data.

  • Slow start: ports are behind the curve when it comes to embracing wearables. Credit: emulibra

    Workplace wearables


    Wearables can target safety and communications, finds Martin Rushmere

  • Financial review: It’s been a shaky year financially so far for the Maersk Group Photo: AP Moller-Maersk Group

    Will Maersk review its port assets?


    The third quarter of 2016 has proved tricky for AP Møeller-Maersk with an 89% slide in quarterly profit and a 16% decline in revenue, and there is speculation that it will need to divest some assets.

  • News

    No love lost


    Infrastructure funds can be a lifeline for port finance, but the feeling is not reciprocated. Barry Parker reports

  • Safety first: port operators have a number of basic legal duties to ensure health and safety at ports. Credit: APMT

    Balancing risks


    Privatised or not, port operators are exposed to a complex and changing range of risks, finds Lara Shingles

  • Unionised: ports on the US West Coast face more challenging labour conditions. Credit: Bari Bookout.jpg

    On the job


    Ports need to weigh up the pros and cons of different shift lengths, finds Martin Rushmere

  • Huge losses: The Port of Busan suffered as a result of Typhoon Maemi

    Planning for the unexpected


    Global insurance and risk management expert, Marsh has warned port and terminal operators to get prepared for low probability, high impact ‘black swan’ events.

  • Many voices: Oakland hosts an all-stakeholder round table discussion every two to three months. Credit: Ingrid Taylar

    A seat at the table


    Port authorities can play a bigger role in labour mediation, finds Martin Rushmere

  • New Chief: Christian Blauert

    Yilport promotes Blauert to CEO


    Turkey’s Yilport Holding, part of the Yildirim Group, has appointed a new CEO in order to help realise its target of becoming one of the top ten international terminal operators.

  • Container terminals will face financial challenges. Credit: Guillaume Baviere, Flickr

    Container returns


    The industry is entering a period where the money to be made from container terminals investments is markedly less than it used to be, according to Drewry Shipping Consultants.

  • Damaging: ICTSI believes that the ILWU’s strategy is "to the detriment of the entire region". Credit: ICTSI

    Setting precedents


    ICTSI''s Portland woes are a test for the US West and East Coasts, says Martin Rushmere

  • Kumport

    Do your homework


    Dave MacIntyre finds out how investors can take the rough with the smooth in port commitments.

  • Growth: Nectar's team have set records at its Beira terminal

    Patience is a virtue


    Employing local people in port concessions isn’t always easy, as Felicity Landon reports

  • SB 63 will provide a new tax increment financing mechanism for US seaport infrastructure

    Wider funding options for California ports


    The state of California’s largest container ports are now in line for wider funding after Governor Jerry Brown signed a new Bill.

  • Toppled port equipment

    Take cover


    The Tianjin disaster is a timely reminder for ports to check their insurance liabilities.

  • News

    Tianjin ‘wake up’ call for insurers


    Following the blast at Tianjin early last month, the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) is warning that large cargo losses are having a significant impact on the marine insurance sector and this recent incident should serve as a “wake-up call to all cargo insurers”.

  • Money man: bank is in the market for increased lending. Credit: Elliott Brown

    RBS hungry to finance more port developments


    Delivering a shot in the arm for future port financing, specialist bank RBS has stated that it is “extremely positive” on the outlook for the sector.

  • Drill time: Milford Haven takes its oil responsibilities seriously

    Letter of the law


    Without constant monitoring, ever-evolving laws can catch ports on the hop, finds John Bensalhia