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    The London Gateway experience


    When Sarah Bishop started a six-week internship on London Gateway’s environment team, her view of environmental management was, she says, very typical – she assumed it would be mostly about ecology and energy consumption.

  • Team work: the Port of Salalah employs a mentoring scheme for its interns

    Getting to know you


    Internships can be valuable to both ports and young people, finds Felicity Landon.

  • Higher pay rates for ILWU workers are a problem for ports under pressure. Credit: Thomas Hawk

    Butting heads


    Two factors continue to hinder labour efficiency in the US, explains Martin Rushmere

  • New York might be beating a path to better US port labour relations. Credit: Fred Alvarado

    How to solve a labour problem


    There is no right answer to solving the labour problem, as US ports are well aware.

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    Complexities and cost


    The main type of Islamic finance used in major asset financing is Murabaha, a cost-plus sale system. Instead of charging interest, the structure features an agreed mark-up, or charge price, over time. Another option is Ijara, a leasing contract where the rent includes a return to cover the finance. Another, ...

  • Larry Lam, founder of Portek, who sadly passed away this week

    A tribute to Larry Lam, founder of Portek


    Portek International Pte Ltd (Portek) is sad to inform that Mr Larry Lam, its founder and former chairman, passed away on 11th February 2014 with his family by his side. He was 62 years old.

  • The UK's London Gateway benefitted from Islamic financing

    Cash with conditions


    Islamic finance is growing fast as an investment solution, as Felicity Landon finds out

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    Paying for progress


    HFW''s Gudmund Bernitz discusses the financing options open to ports looking to expand

  • The port can be a dirty environment. Credit - Pithawat Vachiramon

    'Get down and grubby' role


    Finding the right person for a top management job comes with a lot of variables, says Andrew Feakins, managing director of the global recruitment specialist Impact People Strategies.

  • DP World outsourced its leadership training. Credit: AR AlHashemi

    Born leaders


    Are successful leaders born, made, trained or turned out on some sort of ‘leadership programme’ conveyor belt? Felicity Landon reports.

  • A weighbridge offers one solution to container weighing

    More weighing guidance needed


    Industry experts have already called for additional guidance on mandatory container weighing, while agreeing that enforcement is the only way to ensure accuracy of container weights.

  • Bromma believes twistlock weighing sensors make sense

    Weighed down


    Few winners with IMO container weighing ''solution'' as HFW Matthew Gore explains

  • The greater the services undertaken, the more potential for errors and omissions Photo: Georgia Ports Authority

    Unforeseen liabilities for Middle East freight


    The TT Club says that changing patterns in world trade is bringing unforeseen liabilities for Middle East transport forwarders and operators.

  • Hydraulic fracturing in the US could have a large impact on trade routes and shipping networks. Credit: The Downstream Project via LightHawk

    Shaking the investment tree


    The key drivers of change in port investment patterns are the recent economic recession and its effects on containerised trade, according to Tomas Vitsounis, project leader, Total Port Logistics, at NICTA, Australia’s ICT research centre of excellence.

  • Pulling container lines in as shareholders made Maasvlakte's RWG attractive to investors. Credit - Nik Morris (van Leiden)

    Pick and mix


    Investors are torn between the high risk and high returns offered by ports. Felicity Landon reports

  • The P3 operators, including MSC (pictured), will be re-drawing their port network maps. Credit - Tom Saunders, VaDOT

    The meaning of P3


    The P3 container alliance has ramifications in a legal context for ports, as HFW''s Joseph Botham explains

  • ABP took advantage of direct placements with investors to raise equity. Credit: Mark Hooper

    The banker’s view


    Bankers still take the long-term view that ports are solid, long-term assets, says Berend Paasman, senior vice president, shipping, offshore and logistics, at DNB Bank – “but you want to see that cash flows can absorb drops in volumes", he says.

  • Hutchison Port Trust's Singapore IPO is described as a ‘new financial approach’ in ports

    Cautious confidence


    Post-crisis, what are the finance options for ports operating in an uncertain world asks Felicity Landon

  • Transnet's South African ports, inlcuding Duban (pictured), have embraced psychometric assessment for recruitment. Credit: Clive Reid

    Avoiding the talent trap


    The ports industry is investing and expanding rapidly in Africa – but there’s a real mismatch in terms of skills. African countries dominate the top half of the international unemployment list, and the general sentiment is that the statistics are over-optimistic and real unemployment much higher, says Cobus du Plessis ...

  • With 50 terminal concessions planned for Brazil, demand for top quality managers is high. Credit - Mathieu Bertrand Struck

    Shuffling the pack


    New terminals are coming online around the world but there’s a ‘war for talent'' to run them, as Felicity Landon reports