Principle Consultant, Drewry

Han Ning crop

Han Ning joined Drewry as a shipping consultant in 2011.

Between 2016 and 2022 she oversaw Drewry China in all sectors including maritime research, shipping, logistics and port projects. She moved to Singapore in 2022 and heads Drewry port business in Southeast Asia now. Her clients include IFC, Sinosure, China Harbor, SIPG, China Merchant, Cosco Energy Shipping, Jinjiang Shipping, TSL, CU Line, etc.  

Prior to joining Drewry, she worked in PSA China investment department for 5 years. With PSA, she has participated in three greenfield port projects as well as a few M&A projects. 

Han Ning jointly translated a book of Professor Usher from Columbia University “Investing in the Era of Climate Change”(Columbia University Press), which has been published by CITIC press in China in 2023.