Valenciaport has taken a step further in its policy of reducing emissions, especially those of ships docked at the Port of Valencia; which will bring immediate improvements in the air quality of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

On Saturday 9th June the energy company Gas Natural Fenosa and Baleària completed the first clean energy bunkering operation of LNG to be carried out in Valencia for the Abel Matutes ferry.

Both companies have developed a pioneering project in Spain consisting of the installation of a natural gas generator as well as an LNG tank in the aforementioned vessel, with the aim of reducing emissions and improving air quality.

It is the first operation of its kind to take place in a Valencian port; and it marks a step in the right direction for the Port of Valencia’s target of achieving a steady reduction of emissions, greater eco efficiency and the replacement of fossil fuels with clean energies.

The first bunkering operation in Valencia represents a significant milestone due to the auxiliary natural gas engine operating on the ship, resulting in the consequent reduction of emissions, both within the port environment of Valencia and that of Mallorca - the connecting cities of this Baleària ferry during the summer.

The application of this technology in the ship will result in a reduction of emissions and an annual saving of about 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide, more than 60 tons of nitrogen oxide, and 6 tons of sulfur oxide.

The Baleària project - from which the ports that receive the ship will benefit especially - consists of the installation of an auxiliary motor powered by gas and a 30m3 tank on deck 8 of the ship.

The engine, which is used for the approach to the port and the vessel’s stay, is fully integrated into the ship's electric plant and can work with any of its own auxiliaries and without visual impact.

The ferry, which has a length of 190 meters, has a capacity of 900 people and 2,235 linear meters of ro-ro cargo.

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In line with the strategy of Valenciaport

Valenciaport is committed to LNG as a key fuel in the energy transition we are experiencing in these times. Proof of this is the active participation in R&D projects related to the use of this fuel both in the machinery that operates within the terminals (Greencranes Project, financed by the EU through its TEN-T program), and by the trucks and ships that operate within the ports managed by the APV (CORE LNG AS HIVE, GAINN4SHIP INNOVATION and GAINN4MOS projects, all financed by the EU through its CEF program).

Federico Torres, director of Security, Environment and Facilities of the Port Authority of Valencia commented on the project; "we are looking at an excellent example of Valenciaport’s success in cutting emissions; All of these actions, in which Valenciaport participates actively, are aimed at reducing pollutants from port activities, as evidenced by the reduction of particulates, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides produced by the replacement of traditional fuels for LNG ".

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