Santa Fe-based Mundo Construcciones has been confirmed as the only bidder for the concession to operate a container and general cargo terminal at the Argentinian Port of Santa Fe.

Originally, the government had been in talks with four interested parties, but three of them — believed to be overseas entities — were put off by the country’s political situation and overall financial instability.

The technical bid, which did not include any partners, will first be analysed prior to scrutiny of the company’s financial bid, which will be opened 20 days later.

Assessing the overall worth of the bid are two members of the Santa Fe stock exchange, two from the Santa Fe industrial union Unión Industrial de Santa Fe and two from government.

Around $2m of investment will be needed, divided between basic facilities and equipment. Top of the list will be providing adequate facilities for trucks, of which 20 daily access the agribulk terminal at the port.