A high calibre panel of individuals set the scene for Day One of the GreenPort Congress 2017, hosted by the Port of Amsterdam on 11 October.

The moderator was Conor Feighan, Policy Advisor- FEPORT (The Federation of European Port Operators and Private Terminals), and the panel included Koen Overtoom, CEO- Port of Amsterdam, Jan Peter Balkenende, Chair- Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition and External Senior Advisor, Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General- ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation), and Lamia Kerdjoudj-Belkaid, Secretary General- FEPORT.

Panel comments and themes included “The economy of the future is a sustainable economy and it is more than just ideas that are needed to become sustainable" and "Stimulation and encouragement is needed within the ports together in partnerships with others"

Jan Peter Balkenende gave an upbeat presentation for using sustainability and touched on the Global Agenda and the necessity for change. Climate Change is high on his agenda and in his opinion everyone must be onboard and everyone can make a difference if there is a clear definition of the goals. He said "You have to work harder together in order to reach success"

"Ask yourself the right question - what are we doing to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? There is a necessity to take action as we are running out of time. More awareness is needed to work together to have a better world" Balkenende added: "Let's take action to find a solution for the Global Challenge."

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