Long Beach to show microgrid efficiency

Port of Long Beach Schneider Electric will design, construct and commission a microgrid at the Port of Long Beach. Credit: Port of Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach will build and demonstrate a US$7.1m ‘microgrid’ to show the renewable technology’s effectiveness in providing a clean, reliable supply of electricity for critical operations.

With the help of a US$5m grant from the California Energy Commission, the port will install a solar carport. a stationary storage system and a mobile storage system that can be dispatched around the Port in lieu of diesel generators in case of outages. It will compile and analyse 12 months of performance data, the results of which will be made available to other California ports.

“Our terminals are increasingly using electric equipment to move cargo and we will need to build more energy resiliency into these operations,” said Port of Long Beach executive director Mario Cordero. “This project will help us learn more about how to keep the power, and cargo, flowing.”

Made to measure

Schneider Electric will design, construct and commission the microgrid.

The goal of the California Energy Commission’s grant is to accelerate development of microgrids. As they offer a means of isolating from the grid, microgrids can improve participation in utilities’ demand response programmes, where users agree to limit energy use during peak periods.

Long Beach’s project also includes training opportunities delivered through Long Beach City College and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.


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