Digitalisation to drive Cargotec forward

Mika Vehviläinen Mika Vehviläinen: “Digitalisation is becoming an embedded part of business in almost everything we do." Credit: Cargotec
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Cargotec’s profitability took a hit in 2018 due to “exceptional challenges” in its supply chain and delivery, but the company will focus on key drivers including digitalisation going forward, the company’s chief executive has announced.

Commenting in Cargotec’s annual review 2018, Mika Vehviläinen said the company was addressing multiple issues, notably cost management, and from 2019-21 the company would focus on customer centricity, services, digitalisation and productivity.

Digitally enabled forms of service will have an increased presence and already plays a key role in Cargotec’s independent software offering. Mr Vehviläinen explained: “Digitalisation is becoming an embedded part of business in almost everything we do.”

Investment caution

He noted that demand for Kalmar’s mobile equipment and services improved compared to the previous year, but customers exercised caution with most investments targeted to smaller subprojects as well as improving the efficiency of existing terminals.

Sustainability will be further integrated into products and solutions so customers can save energy, improve safety and more efficiently and Cargotec can boost its “competitive edge”.

“Kalmar’s commitment to provide its full offering as electrically powered versions by 2021 illustrates what we are capable of in this area. Similar development is evident also at Hiab and MacGregor,” he pointed out.


Several concurrent megatrends will be looked at as part of Cargotec’s strategy implementation. These include urbanisation, which means load handling solutions must be quiet, safe and low in emission levels, factors which Cargotec is incorporating into its load handling solutions.

Population growth and the accompanying requirement for efficient and sustainable transportation of more goods is being met by a broad offering of efficient load and cargo handling solutions for multiple industries.

To address GDP per capita growth, which increases consumption and drives the need to transport goods and materials, Cargotec is ensuring its business areas are present throughout the global cargo delivery chains.

Energy demand is increasing and there is an increasing focus on renewable energy production, so Cargotec are focusing on reliable, efficient and sustainable offerings. For example, MacGregor offshore solutions is used to support the production and transportation of energy.

Cargotec is also providing digital solutions in the areas of software, automation and intelligence, which seek to solve inefficiencies in the global cargo flow, aiding customers who want intelligent cargo handling solutions, while also reducing environmental impact.

As there are increasing eco requirements for ships, ports, terminals and surrounding cities, Cargotec is focusing on digitalisation and automation solutions as well as electric and hybrid offerings.


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