Ports finally realising cybersecurity threat

Ports are finally waking up to the threat of cybersecurity, SeaIntelligence Consulting chief executive and partner Lars Jensen has said.

Speaking exclusively to Port Strategy, Mr Jensen said that port protection doesn’t need to cost millions and used home security as an analogy.

“You are afraid of getting robbed at home, so you ask: ‘Should I fit a really-expensive alarm system?’” he said. “I visit and I say: ‘Look: you do not have a door — you have a gaping hole in your apartment’.

“Let’s concentrate on getting a door first. Once that is fixed, then we can start talking about how you can further build up security, but going for the advanced stuff before the basics are in place is a complete waste of money.”

However, he noted that while ports are “waking up” to the threat, they do have a long journey in front of them.



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