Aqaba New Port set for digitisation

Aqaba New Port during construction in September 2017 after completion of the first administration buildings, storage areas and road construction Photo: Aqaba Development Corporation Aqaba New Port during construction in September 2017 after completion of the first administration buildings, storage areas and road construction Photo: Aqaba Development Corporation
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Jordan’s Aqaba New Port will see all ship and goods movements, warehouse management and logistics fully digitised in a project with a contract volume worth millions of euros.

German company INPLAN Software Solutions (INPLAN), which provides software solutions for ports, terminals and maritime logistics firms, has won a tender for the venture, which will be realised in several phases and is anticipated to last two years.

“INPLAN has been able to fully demonstrate its strong performance and succeeds in an 18-month bidding process against some 50 international competitors,” INPLAN chief executive Mohamad Itani said.

Solution in focus

The digitisation initiative, based on INPLAN’s standard software and entitled the INPLAN Port Management solution, includes operations with integration of external partners, billing automation, introduction of Microsoft Dynamics as an enterprise resource planning system and the delivery or installation of servers, backup systems, computers, printers, network infrastructure and mobile devices.

The venture’s scope includes role-based authorisation, multilingual implementation in English and Arabic, integrated data validation and digital user assistance — such as individualised entry pages with resubmissions, task management, task alerts and status information, for example.

With INPLAN Visual Port, all current, planned and historical ship movements, with information for the handling of goods, are displayed on a digital map; dashboards with key performance indicators are provided for rough and detailed planning of work processes; and dynamic reporting is enabled.

For terminal operations, INPLAN also implements mobile data collection of barcodes and radio-frequency identification, as well as enabling data interfaces for automated recognition and use of data.

The software solution for the Aqaba New Port also comes with the use of an INPLAN tool for automated communication with all users of the port community — like for electronic exchange of status information or the electronic dispatch of invoices.

In a release, INPLAN said the solution will be rolled out in port operations following extensive test runs and employee training. “With the introduction of the INPLAN Port Management solution, the huge investment in the development of the Aqaba New Port comes to life,” an INPLAN spokesperson said.

“The seamless digital port operations are exemplary according to worldwide standards and send a clear signal for the future development of the region.”


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