Konecranes gets clever with emissions

Konecranes Volvo Penta powered lift trucks now have an auto start-stop function Konecranes Volvo Penta powered lift trucks now have an auto start-stop function
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Konecranes Lift Trucks has come up with another clever way to save fuel and lower emissions which it says is “probably another first for heavy-duty lift trucks."

The auto start-stop feature turns off the lift truck engine and applies the parking brake automatically whenever it idles for a period of time. The engine can then be restarted at any time just by pressing the brake or drive pedal.

Konecranes says that this new function significantly reduces fuel consumption by 5 to 15% along with CO2 emissions. It also reduces noise levels and extends engine service intervals based on reducing running hours.

Developed in conjunction with Volvo Penta, the auto start-stop function is available with selected Volvo3B/Tier4i engines, as well as with the next generation 4/tier 4f Volvo engines.

Key to the new feature is that driver safety or comfort is not compromised when the engine is shut off. Working lights, cabin ventilation and heating and all safety functions will all still operate during automatic engine stoppage.

It’s a smart system which recognises the difference between a temporary stop and the end of a job. And it does its bit to aid safety because the engine will not be restarted if the driver’s seatbelt is undone, the cabin door is open or if engine stoppage time has exceeded a pre-programmed time-out value.


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