New container app records damage to help port efficiency

PEIR app in use Users of the PEIR app can take and tag images to record a container interchange. Credit: TCompanies

A new app to help the transportation logistics and shipping industries better assign costs based on responsibility for damaged shipping containers is expected to help ports become more efficient.

Photo Equipment Interchange Receipt (PEIR), developed by TCompanies, is designed to eliminate the need for questions about the condition of equipment at a point of interchange as it streamlines the inspection and documentation into a “quick, reliable and intuitive” mobile app process. It establishes a verifiable photographic record for the equipment being interchanged between parties, utilising blockchain and enabling faster processing to save time and costs.

“Costs surrounding damaged containers and trailers is a major problem for logistics companies which we estimate domestically at $1.8 billion dollars annually,” said Tom Burke, chief executive of TCompanies.

Digital documentation

Users of the app can take up to 20 photos of a container or trailer and an additional 19 photos moving around the container/trailer to record the interchange. These can be tagged to identify damage etc. and once complete, PEIR will obtain and confirm a blockchain certification and store the information in PEIR’s platform for easy access and retrieval.

A link to the ‘event’ can be shared and users can also review any stored event through the PEIR mobile app or PEIR's website to verify the Blockchain proof of authenticity, event summary, tags, details, geo locations and unique blockchain hashes.

TCompanies stressed that typically if a handler hasn’t damaged a container/trailer it is difficult for them to prove their innocence amongst the other 5-7 parties involved in the shipment. Determining who is at fault is a problem in terms of man hours and potential legal costs for all involved at interchange points, it added.


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