New sideloader for HAMMAR

The new HAMMAR 110 sideloader can work in more confined spaces in the new SledgeLeg mode. The new HAMMAR 110 sideloader can work in more confined spaces in the new SledgeLeg mode.
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HAMMAR has released its new sideloader in New Zealand which delivers a two-in-one lifting capacity.

Unveiled at T.H.E Expo transport and machinery show for the first time, the HAMMAR 110 features a double-action system that can deploy the StepOver leg technology and new fast ground handling ability SledgeLeg.

Fred Sandberg of HAMMAR New Zealand, said “Space is becoming a premium at many businesses in large cities and towns these days, which makes it difficult for truck drivers to operate a traditional sideloader when delivering or picking up a container.”

He added: “When we started looking at how we could assist drivers in this respect we also wanted to use the opportunity to save tare weight, yet without compromising the 36-tonnes lifting capacity, or the strength, quality and durability that the HAMMAR is so well known for.”

In SledgeLeg mode, legs are extended to less than half their maximum outreach to rest on a knuckle built into the upper part of the longer StepOver leg, as it folds into itself.

This enables the HAMMER 110 sideloader to operate in much tighter, confined spaces. Due to the leg not needing to completely unfold, loading and unloading containers is much faster using the SledgeLeg.

“Traditionally, our sideloaders have been a little heavier than some others, but we’ve always had the quality and durability on our side,” said Mr Sandberg.

He concluded: “Thanks to progress in technology and design, as well as lighter, stronger materials that are now available, we have been able to provide our customers with the ability to carry more goods and, therefore, improve their bottom line whilst still building them a HAMMAR.”

The new HAMMAR 110 is also designed to be safer due to a low centre of gravity that keeps the rig stable, regardless of the cargo and driving environment.


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