New ULCS-focused simulation training

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CM Labs Simulations has released its new megamax STS training pack—the largest ship-to-shore (STS) crane ever simulated.

Reaching as far as 24 container rows deep, CM Labs’ virtual megamax STS is designed to improve safety and ship turnaround with functionalities and features required to deal with the complexity of operations around Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCSs). This includes managing and working in deeper pockets of containers on ships, using camera aides to expand the field of view, and in general, keeping up with overall port performance requirements.

“Containers are being stacked further from the operator and deeper in the ship’s hull than ever before and, as such, balancing safety and productivity is testing even the most experienced operators,” said Nicolae Sterescu, CM Labs’ port solutions product manager. “Passing knowledge between coworkers isn’t an option at this point because few operators have experience with megamax cranes and the visual aides—like cameras—that are required now.”

Large scale

Using specifications, load charts, and other information from crane manufacturers, the simulated crane was designed with a 30m span, a 56m water side outreach and a 22m land side outreach.

Performance reporting tools track several key metrics for each student. This data can then be used to evaluate and subjectively score an operator’s performance to determine if they are ready for terminal operations. Instructors can also trigger challenging events—including machine faults and port safety rules violations.

The simulated crane includes a dual spreader option, which provides a training opportunity for ports that are leveraging tandem spreaders for increased productivity.


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