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Port of Valencia The president of the Port Authority of Valencia has outlined key focus areas for development. Photo: Valenciaport
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The president of a Spanish port authority has said that infrastructure, multimodal operations and digitalisation are amongst areas "key" to international trade.

Aurelio Martínez, president of the Port Authority of Valencia (Valenciaport), stressed that preparations should be made to manage the challenges presented by medium- and long-term international trade trends.

"To do this, regardless of the scenario, and to face these trends, in addition to strategic infrastructures, we must bet on multimodality and large operational hubs, promote means such as railways, motorways of the sea, respect for the environment or digitalization and automation of processes. These are lines on which we have been working resolutely for some time in Valenciaport to ensure competitiveness and economic development," said Mr Martínez.

The president was commenting as a participant of the webinar 'Reflections of a Maritime Autumn: Future of Maritime Cargo in LATAM and Europe', organised by the Federation of National Associations of Cargo Agents and International Logistics Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean (ALACAT) and the Spanish Federation of Freight Forwarders (FETEIA).

Technological development

Mr Martínez, has separately highlighted the technological development of the Port of Valencia's terminals to increase competitiveness.

The CSP Valencia and APMT Valencia terminals will migrate their computer systems and implement NAVIS4 at the port, which is anticipated to make operations safer, smarter and more sustainable.

A project being developed by Infoport, Fundación Valenciaport and Hiades will soon be announced that will enable the implementation of a computer application to NAVIS-4 to manage information from before the arrival of the ships in port.


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