Download the detail from the 2016 GreenPort Cruise and GreenPort Congress – over 50 papers and presentations are now available, which includes keynote speeches and the working groups findings

Highlights of this year’s Cruise Conference include:

  • Tom Strang, Senior Vice President Maritime Affairs, Carnival Corporation: Carnival Cruises - opting for LNG as a solution to ECA compliance
  • Manfred Lebmeier, Head of Environmental and Spatial Strategy, Hamburg Port Authority: Green Cruise Project - Sustainable energy, Innovative terminal facilities and cruise terminal traffic links
  • Carla Salvado, Director of Criuse Marketing, Global Ports Holding: Green initiatives at Global Ports
  • Thomas Kopel, Energy Management, Siemens: Cutting ship emissions in ports
  • Jan Erik Granholdt, Director, LNG Hybrid: Hummel Hybrid Barge - feedback on the first two years’ operations
  • Andrés Molina, Project Manager, Peace Boat Ecoship: EcoShip - an alternative futuristic approach

Read the full report of the this year’s Cruise Conference here.

The 11th GreenPort Congress was hosted by Venice Port Authority and included the following presentations:

  • Jan Brooke, Environmental Consultant and UK representative on PIANC’s Permanent Task Group on Climate Change: Introduction to the outcome of the Paris Agreement, December 2015
  • Charles Haine, Director, Responsible Finance: The unseen impact of construction in port development. Findings ways of mitigating GHG emissions and planning for climate change adaptation.
  • Petra Konig, Environmental Manager, Copenhagen Malmo Port and Ellen Corke, Malmo Port: Industrial symbiosis at the Port of Malmo
  • Victor Schoenmakers, Director Corporate Strategy, Port of Rotterdam: Mitigation, adaptation and decarbonisation at the Port of Rotterdam
  • Linda van Waveren, Manager CSR, Port of Amsterdam and Dorita Hermes, Environment & Sustainability Manager, Port of Hamburg: The need for disclosure of port performance on sustainability
  • Inna Braverman, Co-Founder, Eco Wave Power: Blue Energy - Wave Energy Implementation in Ports
  • Anna Bobo Remijn, European Commission, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, Maritime Safety Unit: Port Reception Facilities revision
  • Julia Mackin, Principal Environmental Adviser, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development: Port Expansions in the context of financing by EBRD, a Multilateral Development Bank, and its sustainability mandate
  • Silvia Gamboa, Head of Sustainability, APM Terminals: Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals through Port Activity
  • Keita Shinohara, Certification Manager, Green Award Foundation: Recognising quality ships with a CSR platform
  • Jouni Kyllonen, Sales Director, Solution Sales and Marketing, Automation & Projects, Kalmar: Green Terminal technologies

Full reports of both days of this year’s GreenPort Congress are available online – day one and day two.

Gain access to the presentations given at the GreenPort Cruise Conference and GreenPort Congress here!

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