New Fourth Generation (4G) Performance Pack Upgrade for Existing Echoscope® Users

The new Echoscope® 4G Performance Pack Upgrade presents an opportunity for our existing customers to take advantage of the advancements we are making in onward developing our real time 3D volumetric sonar technology and the growing application footprint it commands.

The 4G Performance Pack allows our existing 3G Echoscope®customers to upgrade their system with the advanced fourth generation (4G) 3D Processing Engine hardware and firmware, extending the life and capability of their investment with new performance features including:

* Improved range resolution (now 2cm) improves distance measurement accuracy and detection and imaging clarity of complex targets.
* Increased ping rate (now 20Hz) enhances all real-time 3D camera applications with much sharper real-time images and significantly increases signal-to-noise and beam density for all 3D mapping applications.
* Minimum imaging range reduced to 0.5m with improved close range focussing of targets in near-field

* “PingPong” alternating ping mode permits the user to perform multiple imaging and mapping tasks simultaneously when coupled with the new faster ping rate. The alternating “PingPong” mode can be configured allowing multiple different application scenarios.
* Programmable TVG – allows the user to adjust the system gain and object detection to avoid areas of noise or to see-thru stronger targets to reveal weaker signals and targets at greater ranges such as fishing nets in AUV applications.

Industry standard 100mb ethernet – integration of the Echoscope® on subsea and surface vehicles is now greatly simplified and allows the Echoscope® data to share the same network as other sensors for the first time.

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