Pipe Handling Challenges & New Solutions

The safety & efficiency of handling pipes is crucial. In the majority of cases, pipes are handled manually with slings and chains by men needing to connect hooks. This is dangerous and slow. A new safer and faster way is ready.

Pipes come in a variety of designs, diameters, lengths, coatings, & thicknesses. They are also easy to damage.

Both of these factors made them hard to handle automatically.

RAM has developed an automated Pipe handling system (PHS) for yard and ship loading without the need for manual intervention.

The pipe handling spreader removes the need for men to attach hooks to pipes on the quay and remove them in the hatch.

Conventional Load & Discharge

Pipe    handling at ports is generally carried out conventionally with a combination of using rudimentary fix metal frames, slings, chains and hooks.

The same handling method applies when discharging pipes from a truck to yard, and then yard to ship, or vice versa.

Conventional pipe handling carries with it some operational and safety drawbacks:

Only 1 or 2 large diameter pipes can be handled at once.

Up to 12 workers in total are needed to handle pipes from a truck to frame handler and in the vessel’s hold.

A swinging long load in a hatch can result in safety risk for employees

Pipe handling must done as slowly as possible to reduce the safety risk to workers, trucks & vessels from swinging pipes.

To improve pipe handling, RAM Spreaders has developed a pipe spreader, adding to their product portfolio of more than 50 different crane attachments supplied worldwide.

The RAM Universal Pipe Spreader is designed for use on Ship Cranes and MHC Cranes, and is capable of handling a variety of pipe diameters and lengths, thanks to its specially designed separating telescopic quad beam system.

With open arms

At the end of each adjustable hydraulically operated telescopic beam, end grippers with pipe protection plates provide safe and secure handling of a wide variety of pipes, during lifting operations.

Lights - Camera - Action

Optional features include the very latest innovative technology to provide the crane operator vital data and information during lifting and maneuvering operation.

Optional features include, height indication system. camera monitoring system, LED lighting for low light operations and a gyroscope sensor detecting angular rate and velocity and diagnostic panel for spreader status.

Power Up

The RAM Pipe Handling Spreader is powered by the cranes power supply, or as an option,  it can be supplied with a self-powered  diesel powered unit.  The controls for the spreader can be either by remote control or in the crane cabin.

Technical Specs

Type: Universal Pipe Handling Spreader

Application: MHC/Ship Crane/Offshore Crane

Power: Electro-Hydraulic

Control: Wireless Remote Control

SWL: 60 tonnes

Beam Type: 8 Detachable Telescopic Beams

Pipe Diameter Lifting Capacity:

4 x 14-18inch  | 3 x 19-35inch | 2 x 36-60inch

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