Bedeschi is an international company located in Limena (Italy). Founded in 1908, Bedeschi provides effective and reliable products in a wide variety of industries (bulk handling, container logistics, bricks) offering complete turn-key solutions for different product lines. 

We cover each step of the project execution from the feasibility study and basic design to the assembly, installation, start up and for any need after commissioning, while the plant is in operation. We still proudly offer a tailor made solution for our Customers. Optimizing investment returns means well-designed installation and innovative mechanical solutions. Our products rate best in the market in terms of energy consumption operational costs and pollution control, as a result of our commitment to environment protection.


Actually, Bedeschi leads more than 350 people operating worldwide and exports abroad more than 90% of its products. The headquarter is based in Limena, where is located also its biggest covered manufacturing facility with branches located in Milan, Bergamo, Genoa, London, Dubai, Jakarta, Morocco, India, Russia and United States, operating with many subsidiary offices across the world. Bedeschi builds and tests all the main key mechanical components of its products in its workshops, which offers the latest technologies tools and facilities for the perfect machining and testing of this special items. All the main components are in-house manufactured, granting the highest standards in terms of assembly and quality control.


Bedeschi is a modern Company, constantly growing, provided with a reliable and complete engineering and manufacturing team. The projects are conceived by well skilled technicians, operating with updated tridimensional CAD tools, equipped with advanced application systems for structural calculation. Big and sophisticated digitally controlled working stations can provide fast and accurate complex mechanical processing with an extreme operative flexibility: a techno-logical benchmark of excellence, offering a wide variety of personalized solutions for transport and storing any type of bulk material with a special consideration of the environmental impact, the dust treatment, gas filtration technology and electric energy production systems. Furthermore, in its core business, Bedeschi can count also OMG-MGM Cranes, renowned in the port cranes engineering, manufacturing and material handling equipment, producing ship-to-shore cranes (STS), rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTG), rail mounted gantry cranes (RMG), Port cranes such as: level luffing cranes and gantry cranes with grab for bulk cargo. Special lifting equipment: overhead cranes, polar cranes for nuclear power stations.

The present Company situation is the proof of the main characteristics of its long tradition: the commitment to several fields, all connected thanks to the will of improving technological and engineering skills, an accurate management of the company development and of the cash flow, an international approach, the continued presence of the General Management on site of a member of Bedeschi family.

In other words, a mix between tradition and a glance at a successful future, of course.